Aims and Scope

Global Sustainability Challenges is an international peer-reviewed journal covering the main aspects of major sustainability challenges that the world faces, providing a source of information for studies related to sustainability and sustainable development.

Scientific research and impact assessments help finding solutions of problems on local or global scale, through understanding of the origins, characteristics and consequences of these problems. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical research relating to sustainability strategy attempts to bridge social science with environmental science and with the technology of the future. The journal publishes high-quality scientific papers that contribute significantly to the fields of technology, industry and sustainable development, green economies, climate change and environmental issues.

Global Sustainability Challenges welcomes new theoretical insights or case studies and developments in the following subject areas:


- Science, technology management, technical change

- Technology and sustainable development

- Best practice in the promotion of sustainable technologies

- Industry and sustainable development

- Sustainable development policies

- Green economies and green growth

- Eco-efficiency and cleaner production

- Green absorbents

- Water and development

- Sustainable energy use and renewable energy methods and storage

- Biorefineries and biofuels

- Innovation and sustainable development

- Green processes, technologies, manufacturing - including analytical methodologies and

techniques to improve sustainability, green solvents, and green catalysis

- Carbon emission, climate change and environmental issues

- Environmental health

- Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety/Sustainability.


following the UN Sustainable Development Goals.